When choosing a company you must be very cautious

Don’t have a car, but need one. Well many of these companies are actually willing to purchase a new car already containing advertisements. All that is required is to pay for insurance and gas.

There is no real catch besides some minimal requirements that advertisers set up. Some required that the car with advertisement be driven a certain amount of miles per month however this distance is about the average that a person drives, so no extra driving would be required. Also parking the car must always be in site with a lot of people. These are the main requirements and are easily met so that you can make free cash with car advertising. Cash For Cars Sydney

When choosing a company you must be very cautious to not choose a website that will scam you. There are many websites out there making unbelievable promises such as excessive amounts of money upwards of $6,000 a month. Which will not happen, or outlandish cars like Mercedes, and BMW’s.
No legitimate, or serious company will do this.

The average cash with car advertising is around $600 – $800 every month, which depends on the type of car you drive, the city and population that you live in, and the average distance you drive each month. Truck drivers receive much more, upwards of $2,000 to $3,000 each month if they get their entire trucks covered.



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