There’s A Lot To Do In The Magic, So It’s Big. According To The Myths And The Cosmos, Magic Is Classified In Various Ways. What Are The Different Types Of Magic That Already Exist?

The Traditional Or Cultural Definition Of Magic Is Magic.

Four Types Of Magic Are Grouped Together According To The Traditional Or Cultural Classification. See The Website For More Information On Those Suitable For Productions. In Terms Of Traditional Or Cultural Classification, Magic Can Be Categorised Into Four Categories:

Using Magic To Achieve A Specific End Is Known As Intentional Magic, Methodical Magic, The Magic Of Use, And Physical Magic.

If You’re Using Magic For Specific Purposes, Then You’re Using Intentional Magic. Some Might Call It White Magic For Those Who Use It To Help Others. Rituals That Use Methodical Magic Include Rituals In Which Every Step Is Calculated And Reflected In The Magic’s Use Of Natural Elements. When It Comes To Magic Intended For A Specific Use In A Society Or A Tribe, This Category Includes Everything (Hunting, Divination, Eroticism, Initiation And Medicine).

Elemental, Odour, Magic Number, Or Sign Magic Are All Examples Of Physical Magic. It’s Most Commonly Used In Shows Aimed At Children Or In Other Types Of Entertainment. Magic Can Be Classified On The Basis Of Five Senses: Word, Gesture, Thought, Will, And Imagination. When A Magician Uses A Verb To Reveal A Magic Formula, For Example, The Audience Is In On The Secret.

Magic’s Original And Planetary Classification System

This Category Includes Four Distinct Types Of Magic:

Magical Resources Are Used To Cast A Spell In Material Magic.

Magical Forces From Another Dimension Are Summoned By Spiritual And Non-Tangible Means.

It’s Called Capacitance, And It’s The Magic That Comes From One’s Own Body And Abilities.

A Source Or Object Is Required To Practise Carrier Magic, Which Is Also Known As Proprietary Magic.

Magician With A Broad Knowledge Base

The Most Popular Form Of Magic Is Called Generalist Magic, And It Includes A Wide Range Of Spells From Combat To Repairing Socks, Mind Control To Healing And Opening Doors, Among Other Things. Occasionally, Easy-To-Use “Specialised Spells” Are Omitted From The List Of Available Options. Specialist Magic Has A Wider Range, But It Uses A Lot More Astral Energy.

Magic Involving Fire

To The Dismay Of Some Egocentric Instructors, It Is A Discipline That Places A Strong Emphasis On Violence. Fire Is A Destructive Force That Consumes, Devastates, And Often Renders Large Areas Uninhabitable. He Lacks Intelligence And Isn’t Very Picky, So He’ll Do A Lot Of Harm To His Teammates. Despite This, The Specialty Contains Some Purely Utilitarian Or Purely Aesthetically Pleasing Spells. There Are Even Spells To Amuse Your Companions In There. It’s Ideal For Early-Game Combat Because It Deals A Lot Of Damage For Not A Lot Of Astral Energy Spent. Aside From Dragons And Demons, Few Creatures Can Withstand Fire; However, Ice Magic Can Be Countered With A Thick Sweater. However, Unless You Have A Severe Fear Of Fire,


The Gods Of Chaos Themselves Teach The Metamorphosisis Discipline Of Metamorphosis. Since All Chaotic Or Similar Races Can Learn From The Dark Elves Who Are Masters In This Field, It’s Available To Almost Everyone With A Bare Minimum Of Magical Resources. Despite This, Many Students Opt Out In Favour Of Combat Specialties That Are More Effective, Despite The Discipline’s Spectacular Side. Metamorphosis Is One Of The Least Harmful Chaotic Magics To Mental Health, And It Uses Very Little Astral Energy As Well. Shapeshifters Only Show Signs Of Disorder When They Repeatedly Assume The Same Form. As A Result, One In Three Cases Of Lycanthropy Can Be Attributed To A Mage Who Transforms Into A Wolf Too Frequently.


Let’s Get One Thing Out Of The Way: Studying Thermodynamics Isn’t A Lot Of Fun. While Even The Most Basic Spells Can Be Mastered With Practise, Many Advanced Techniques Necessitate A Thorough Understanding Of Thermodynamics. When Choosing A Mage Course, It’s Not Necessary To Fill Your Head With Heat Transfer And Energy Conversion Calculations Right Away. Those Who Want To Use Discipline As Part Of Their Career As A Swashbuckler May Not Be Interested In Low-Level Spells Anyway. As A Result, It’s Okay For Us To Be Surprised By The Sheer Number Of Students Who Show Up For Heat Exchanges. However, Opening A Grimoire Is All It Takes To See That All These Young People Are Driven By The Extreme Grosbillism Of High-Level Spells.


The Mages Of The Dead It’s No Secret That Magior Necromancers, More Commonly Referred To As Necros’ By Adventurers Of All Stripes, Are Vicious, Bloodthirsty Monsters. Their Aspirations Of Greatness Are Matched Only By Their Irrationality. Because They Are Both Egomaniacal And Oblivious, Their Dreams Of Greatness Are Frequently Dashed. In Addition, No One Else Can Compete With Their Ability To Draw In Thrill-Seekers: Once A Necromancer Establishes Himself In A Remote Dungeon, A Swarm Of Intrepid Explorers Appears Like A Swarm Of Killer Bees. Necromancers Frequently Have A Large Number Of Enemies, But Few Allies. When It Comes To Finding Companions Who Are Willing To Embark On New Adventures With Him, A Necromancer Will Know How To Exit The Fray Quickly Once He Takes The Lead, As Low-Level Spells Are Quiet But Get More Potent Quickly. The Catch Is That Many Of Them Are Rituals, Requiring That You First Locate The Ingredients And Then Learn How To Use Them.


In Historical Terms, It’s Important To Remember That Illusion Magic Isn’t Illusory Magic. It Was Created By The Dark Elves After Successful Discussions With Tzinntch And Was Already Known To The Meuldor Elves Before They Arrived In Fangh. Fate Was Broadened By A Certain Deception At That Time, Which Did Not Correspond To The Noble Ideals Of Our Ancestors, But As The Great Mage Dômbus Maximus Correctly Stated: “Just Deceive Him.”. In Short, Contrary To A Widely Held Misconception, The Illusion Isn’t Just Used To Create Beautiful Coloured Lights For The Barde Academy’s Platissime Concerts. We Notice That The Greatest Mages Are Those Who Knew How To Use It Wisely, Even Though It Isn’t Of Overwhelming Use Against A Rampaging Golbargh (Offensive Spells Are Extremely Rare). Téclystère Used Tricks Of The Mind. Tholsadûm Made Use Of Deception. Jagdâniel Employs Deception To His Advantage. It’s Important To Keep In Mind That In An Adventure Setting, This Particular Discipline Is Extremely Cost-Effective In Terms Of Astral Energy And Can Be Extremely Useful For Creating Distractions Or Causing Enemies To Flee. It’s Also A Great Tool For Making Out.

The Mysteries Of Ice And Water

Elements Such As Water And Ice, Like Fire, Have Their Own Form Of Magic. There Are Numerous Spells Available To Adventurers, Including Powerful Offensive Spells, Defensive Spells, Elemental Summons, And More. Compared To Low-Level Fire Magic, It Is Said To Be Less Dangerous. However, Over Time, It Can Be Devastating.

Magic Of The Earth

The Earth’s Magic May Appear Absurd To Those Who Have Never Experienced It. Some Compare It To The Druids And Wood Elves Riding Their Ponies Under The Silver Moon In Their Ecological Bliss. It’s Not: This Isn’t Something That’s Meant To Be Enjoyable. Heal, Heal, Camouflage, Offensive Spells And Summons Are Just A Few Of The Many Options Available. Although We Tend To Ask More Questions In The Beginning Stages, This Is A Very Comprehensive Offer Nonetheless.

The Magic Of The Air

When It Comes To Air Magic, It’s Not Just For Elves To Dry Their Hair Or For Girls To Fly Their Skirts. There Are Many Spells In This Discipline That Provide Protection And Assistance, But There Are Very Few Spells That Deal Damage. Many Spells, Such As The Infamous Titans Vacuum Cleaner And Wind Of The Unloved, Make Life Miserable For Our Opponents. These Are Frequently Non-Lethal Spells That Are Obscenely Effective. For Those Who Have A Strong Sense Of Humour As Well As A Strong Survival Instinct.

Tzinntch’s Black Magic

The Only Way To Put This Discipline Into Action Is To Join The Group. The Cult Grants You Access To New Combat Spells That Are Both More Powerful And More Economical With Astral Energy As A Reward For Your Service (And Financial Contribution). In Addition, You’ll Be Able To Get Your Hands On Some Top-Notch Gear For A Reasonable Price. As With Necromancy, This Is A Career That Won’t Make You Popular, But It Does Offer Quick Ascent To Power, Like The “Dark Side Of The Force,” If You Get My Meaning. Violent Mages Who Want To Shine In Battle Prize Tzinntch’s Spells. However, You Lose Some Of Your Health In Exchange For More Power.

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