Try Out Some Easy Magic Tricks If You’re Just Getting Started.

Create The Illusion Of A Coin Disappearing From Thin Air. Tell Your Audience That You’re Going To Disappear A 50-Cent Coin From Your Dominant Hand. Use Your Index And Pinky Fingers To Secretly Grab The Edges, Rather Than Putting It In Between Your Middle And Ring Fingers. Then, As You Pass The Coin, Let Your Dominant Hand (The One That The Coin Is In) Flop To One Side While Quickly Switching Your Opposite Hand Over To Your Dominant Hand. You Can Enjoy Your Audience’s Bewilderment As They Try To Figure Out Where The Coin Has Vanished By Opening Your Empty Hand.

As Long As The Coin Is Thick Enough To Be Gripped Correctly With The Fingers, You Can Perform This Trick With Any Type Of Coin.

Because The Tower In Question Is One Of The Older Ones, Many People Are Familiar With How It Works. You’ll Have To Learn A Lesser-Known Trick If You Want To Truly Impress Them.

All At Once, Bend And Strain A Spoon. Pretend To Be Holding The Handle Of A Spoon Firmly With Both Closed Hands While Leaning Your Head Against A Table Or Similar Surface. Keep Your Fingers Just In Front Of The Handle Instead Of Wrapping Them Around Your Spoon. This Will Help Prevent Your Fingers From Getting Tangled Up In Your Food As You Eat. Starting With The Dominant Hand. Then, While Lowering The Spoon’s Handle To A Horizontal Position, Bend It With Both Fists At The Same Time Toward The Table. Finally, Quickly Reverse The Movement To Restore The Spoon’s Original Shape And Complete The Round.

Take A Group Of Friends And Family Members On This Tour The Next Time You Gather For A Meal.

When You Perform This Trick, Make Sure You’re Facing Your Audience. Looked At From The Side, Somebody Might Be Able To See What Exactly You Have Been Up To.

Put A Pencil In Your Hand And Let It Float There. Take A Pencil In Your Closed Fist And Face Your Audience With The Back Of Your Hand; Then Take Your Wrist In The Opposite Hand As If Preparing For A Big Effort. This Is One Of The Simplest Tricks. Slowly Extend Your Index Finger Towards The Pencil-Holding Hand And Use It To Hold The Pencil In Your Palm When You Open Your Hand Without Drawing Attention To Yourself. In The Right Hands, You Can Create The Illusion That The Pencil Is Floating In Front Of Your Hand.

A Slightly Altered Version Of This Tour Can Be Used If You Really Want To Impress Your Audience. To Keep The “Floating” Pencil In Place While Slowly Removing Your Hand, Place A Second Pencil Inside Your Fist And Cover It With Your Watch Band Or Another Band.

Spectators On The Sides Or A Little Below Can’t See The Inside Of Your Hand When Performing This Trick.

Simple Paper Should Be Crossed. Your Sceptical Audience Will Wager That You Can Go Through A Typewriter Sheet Hole. Using A Ruler, Fold The Paper In Half Crosswise And Cut A Series Of 2-Inch-Wide Strips Along The Folded Edge, Stopping About 2 Inches From Either End Of Each Row Of Cuts. Afterwards, Flip The Paper Over And Make Another 2cm-Long Cut Along The Centre Line You Just Drew On The Other Side Of The Paper. Open The Sheet Of Paper To Reveal The Enormous Circle Of Paper You Can Slide Into, And Then Cut Out Each Fold One At A Time.

To Avoid Tearing The Leaf, Don’t Cut Too Deep. You’ll Be Out The Money If This Happens.

It May Appear Magical, But The Trick Is Actually Quite Simple: By Cutting Strips Of Paper, You Rearrange The Surface So That It Becomes The Outline Of A Circle.

‘by Accident,’ Pass A Cup Across The Table. Tell Your Audience That You’ll Be Using A “Invisibility Cloak” And A Small Cup To Pass A Ball Through A Sturdy Table (Actually, A Sheet Of Plain Paper). Make A Mould Of The Mug Using The Sheet Of Paper And Place It Upside-Down On The Ball. Take The Paper-Covered Cup And Show It To Your Audience One Last Time. As You Do This, Place The Cup Between Your Thighs And Drop It Onto Your Lap Discretely. Crush The Ball With Your Hand After Placing The Cup-Shaped Sheet Of Paper On Top Of It. Remove The Paper To Reveal That The Ball Is Still On The Table, But The Cup Has Vanished Beneath It.

Make Light Of Your Blunder By Saying, “Oh No! I Pushed Myself A Little Too Hard On The Keyboard. The Cup Has Crossed The Table, But The Ball Is Still There!

For This Trick, You Must Silently And Rapidly Drop The Mug Onto The Floor Before Reaching Out To Pick It Up. You Must Then Pretend To Have Found It On The Floor While Doing So.

Mentally Swivel A Straw Around The Neck Of A Bottle. To Create Static Electricity, Rub Your Hand Up And Down The Entire Length Of A Straw Wrapped In Foil While No One Is Looking. Take Care Not To Rip The Paper From The Canister. In Order To Drink From A Bottle Or Other Narrow-Mouthed Container, Place The Straw Directly Over The Neck When You Are Ready To Take Your Turn. Using Your Hands, Gently Move The Straw From Side To Side In A Meditative Manner. The Straw Will Spin On Its Own Due To The Static Charge[9].

Always Keep Your Hands Close To The Straw When Drinking From It With A Straw. Moving Them Too Far Apart Will Result In A Weak Load That Cannot Move The Straw.

Prepare For This Round If At All Possible When Your Audience Is Not Present Or Otherwise Distracted (Eg When The Person Dining With You Is Going To The Bathroom ).

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