As You Get Ready For The Tour, Explain Your Goals To Your Target Audience. Sit Down If You Can And Make Sure No One Is Sitting Next To You. Declare To Your Audience That You’re Going To Rub A Hand Piece Against Your Skin And Then Pass It Through While Holding It In Your Dominant Hand.

Adding Colour And Humour To Yourself By Saying, For Example, “My Doctor Told Me My Iron Is Too Low,” While Keeping Your Audience From Watching What You’re Doing, Is An Effective Way To Distract Attention.

It Doesn’t Matter What Kind Of Coin You Use, But A 50-Cent Coin Will Be Easier To See.

Next, Apply Pressure To The Patch On The Opposite Arm And Rub It In A Circular Motion. Lean The Other Arm Against The Table, Palm Facing Up. To Use The Patch, Place It On Your Forearm And Begin Rubbing It Back And Forth.

As Soon As You Begin Rubbing The Coin, Make Sure No One In Your Audience Can See It. This Is Going To Be Critical In The Next Round.

Pretend The Coin Has Fallen To The Ground. Slide It Between Your Fingers After You’ve Rubbed It A Bit And Let It Fall To The Table For All To See. Disguise Your Intention As An Honest Blunder By Saying Something Like, “Oops! Too Much Pressure Was Applied To The Rubbing.”

Make Sure Your Audience Can See That The Coin Is The Same And That You Haven’t Exchanged It For A Fake For A Short Period Of Time.

This Is Where The Trick Takes Place, And To Be Effective, You Must Make It Seem Plausible.

Pick Up The Coin With Your Weaker Hand. Put It In Your Dominant Hand As If You’re Passing It. At This Point, The Delusion Sets In. To Demonstrate That You Are Not Passing The Coin To Your Dominant Hand, Grab It With Your Non-Dominant Hand And Quickly Move It To The Dominant Hand. In Lieu Of That, Rest Your Elbow On The Table And Close Your Palm.

Fingers Slightly Open When Holding Coin So Audience Won’t Suspect You’re Holding Coin Will Work. To Fit The Coin In Your Hand, Use The Knuckles Of Your Index And Middle Fingers To Press The Coin’s Edges Together.

Your Ruse Will Become Less Obvious After Some Practise. If You Practise It Consistently, It Will Come Naturally To You.

Rub Your Arm Vigorously With Your Unused Hand And Don’t Let Go Of It. Continue Massaging The Coin On Your Elbow When It’s Your Turn Again. Make A Few Painful Screams And Moans As If You’re Experiencing Pain. You Could Even Say, “I Can Smell It Now!” If You Like. Somewhat More “The Coin Should Not Fall From Your Non-Dominant Hand When Rubbing.

When You Feel Like Rubbing Again, Take Your Time And Be Cautious. The More Time You Spend Scrubbing, The More Confident You Can Be That You Are Deceiving Your Audience.

Show That The Coin Has Vanished By Holding Out Your Hand. When It’s Time To Reveal The Mystery Of The Missing Coin, Put Your Hand On Your Arm For A Few Seconds Instead Of Rubbing It. Then, With A Slow, Deliberate Motion, Bring Your Gaze Back To Your Audience. They’ll Be Able To Tell Right Away That Your Hand Is Empty.

If You Want To Make A Show Of It, Place The Coin In The Ear, Pocket, Or Collar Of A Member Of The Staff And Then Discreetly Return It To Your Dominant Hand While Your Audience Watches In Awe. Public.

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