The best way to maneuver the Google Certification Tests

The newest Google Certified Educator Certifications have been created to provide educators official recognition of the command and comprehension of all Google Apps for Education. The tests consist of multiple choice questions and practical situations that ask that you demonstrate hands-on understanding of different Google tools. The modules at the Training Centre cover subjects like fundamental Google docs, Google Classroom, Blogger, Google Earth, Google classes, Gmail, Google Play for Education, and more. The tests are intended to be completed in 3 hours and cost $10 for Level 1 and $25 for Grade 2. More info

“For certified or never get certified?” That’s the question!

As soon as the Google Certification app started a couple of weeks back, I debated taking the examinations.

“Why do I want to get certified? I’m managing fine with Google Apps and I am doing fascinating things with my pupils. What is the purpose?” I said to myself.

Life gets busy and it’s simple to put something apart that’s optional. But I started to observe that educators in my community who I respect were receiving their certifications. I began to feel as though I had been missing out on something and before I knew it, I signed up to perform the Level 2 test (I chose to skip Level 1). “How hard is it?” I believed.

Before the examination, I perused the Level 2 Training modules, attempted a number of the device quizzes, and felt just like I was prepared to go. I clicked “Start the test” and 3 hours later, I clicked “End”.

NOTE: After you choose the examination you need to sign out your Google account (they will provide you a temporary accounts for the examination), which means that your bookmarks may not be accessible, particularly if you’re on a Chrome book. I advise you have two servers available through the examination: one for your examination itself, another to get your bookmarks.

Hardest Aspect of this examination? The multiple choice questions. They were catchy; a few questions were confusing and seemed to have many answers. Some queries were difficult to comprehend. There is definitely a skill involved with performing multiple choice questions, a skill it is possible to hone by performing (and re-doing) all the lesson tests and unit inspection quizzes at the Training Centre.

The functional portion of the test has been fun. I can not disclose specific info, but you must be ready to show your working understanding of what GAFE (Documents, Sheets, Forms, Add-ons, Websites, Blogger, Classroom, Google Scholar, Google Play for Education, etc.) The best way to get ready for this area of the examination is just to utilize GAFE (at every aspect! ) ) On a normal basis. If you are not, you are likely to get this section quite challenging. Assessing the tools you don’t use frequently from the Training Centre is recommended.


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