To Begin, Shuffle The Cards And Memorise The Third Card From The Top. Make It Look Less Suspicious By Asking A Member Of The Audience To Mix Them Up And Cut The Pile. Allow The Game To Be Cut Also. When The Cards Are Correctly Aligned, Keep A Quiet Eye Out For The Last One.

It’s Okay To Let Someone Else Mix Them Up As Long As You Check The Last One Before Continuing.

Finding A Card In The Pile Is Similar To Finding A Card This Turn, But There Is A Small Difference.

Allow The Onlooker To Select A Card. Have Someone In The Audience Pick A Card From The Deck And Keep It In Their Memory. After That, Cut The Deck At The Chosen Card’s Location And Divide It Into Two Piles. Spectators Are Asked To Place The Card You Want To Remember On Top Of The Pile, Away From The One They Don’t. Then, On Top Of The Spectator’s Card, Place The Stack Containing The Card You Memorised.

You Can Try To Give The Impression Of Shuffling The Cards When You’re Not Really Shuffling Them If You Practise Better.

Disconnect From The Internet And Turn Off The Video Game. Choose A Member Of The Audience To Assist You Or Do It Yourself. There Is Now A Spectator Card Directly Above The One You Memorised. In Order To Avoid Shuffling The Two Cards, You Can Choose To Reshuffle The Deck Two Or Three Times.

The More Interaction You Allow Your Audience During The Tour, The More Power You Give Them. Even At The End Of The Trip, The Experience Will Seem Even More Amazing.

Take The Deal. Place Them In A Row, One On Each Side Of The Table. Continue When You See Your Memorised Card, As Well As The Spectator’s Card, Which Appears Immediately After Yours. Don’t Give Up. If Nothing Has Changed, Carry On Distributing Them As Normal. Maintain Control Of The Last Few And Continue To Distribute Them.

You’ll Have To Pretend You Already Know The Spectator’s Card For This Round And Act Like You Already Know The Role. Your Entire Journey Will Be Ruined Should You Choose To Stop When You See It.

Begin Telling Your Tale. When Used To Tell A Storey, Magic Tricks, Like This One, Can Be Even More Effective. You Can Start By Telling Your Listeners You Are So Confident In Your Abilities That You Are Willing To Wager Some Money That You Will Find The Spectator’s Card. Other Options Include Recounting A Time When You Won In Las Vegas By Fiddling With The Game.

Place A One-Euro Bet That The Next Card You Turn Over Will Be The Spectator’s. Being Aware Of Your Previous Actions, He May Be Inclined To Take Your Bet Believing You Are Going To Reveal The Final Card In Your Hand.

Offer To Give The Spectator A Euro If You Are Wrong If The Spectator Does Not Want To Bet.

Turn Over The Card Held By The Spectator. Take A Look At The Stack You Have Already Flipped Over And Find Hers, It Should Be Right Next To The First One You Memorized Instead Of Flipping The One You Have Left In Your Hand It’s Important To Pretend To Flip The Card Into Your Hand Before Flipping The Audience Member’s Hand In Order To Make The Trick More Convincing.

Keep Your Distance From Him. The Person In Front Of You Placed A Euro Wager; Return Yours And Instruct Them To Keep Theirs If They Haven’t Done So Already. You Could Also Use It As A Prank By Telling Him That Taking His Money Would Be Unfair Due To Your Knowledge Of His Hand.

If You’re Incorrect, You’ll Be Required To Pay The Person In The Street One Euro As Compensation.

Another Method

Circulate The Hands-On Sandwich

To Begin, Have A Spectator Pick A Card From A Deck. Spread A Standard Deck Of Cards In Front Of Him And Ask Him To Select One Of Them. Cut The Stack In Half When He Selects And Memorizes It. It Should Go Back On Top Of The First Pile, And Then A Second One Should Be Added To It.

Use Your Pinky Finger To Locate The Card When It Is Placed Back In The Middle By The Spectator.

Mark The Location Of The Map In The Back Of The Deck With Your Pinky Finger By Inserting The Soft End Into The Back Of The Deck Without Anyone Else Seeing It[5].

Make Another Cut To The Battery. Cut The Deck Just Above The Spectator’s Card Using The Small Space You Created So That The Spectator’s Card Is On Top Of The Deck. Because It Sounds Too Obvious, You Should Divert Your Audience’s Attention With Something Else. Ask The Observer To Concentrate Intensely On The Card He Drew, Explaining To Him That You Intend To Make It Appear In His Possession.

If You Want To Beat The Stack, You Must Make Certain That His Card Remains At The Top.

You Can Only Pick Up Two Cards At A Time. Follow Up By Taking Only One Of The Top Two Cards. If You Want To Perform Card Tricks, You Must Master This Technique. Discard The Card You Just Took From The Deck And Show It To The Audience. You Should Then Explain To The Observer That You Want Him To Hold It Sandwiched Between His Hands So That You Can Magically Transform It Into The One He Has Chosen Yourself. Put The Two Cards Back On Top Of The Pile While You Explain What Will Happen.

In Order To Create The Perfect Illusion, You’ll Need To Practise Grabbing Two Cards At The Same Time While On Top Of Them.

Take The Card From Her Hands And Place It In His. Demand That They Put Their Second Hand On The One At The Top Of The Pile, Which Was Chosen By The Spectator.

As Soon As You’ve Taken The Two Cards You Want To Show To Everyone, Put Them Back On The Deck And Then Take Only The First Card You Want To Slip Between Those Two Hands (The One That The Spectator Chose). Assure Her That She Won’t Move By Asking Her To Apply Considerable Pressure To The Object.

With Their Card Sandwiched In Front Of Them, The Onlooker Can Only Assume It’s The Other One You Showed Everyone. This Is At The Top Of The List.

Title Of Photograph Perform A Card Trick For The Guests Step Twenty-Four Five

Locate A Map Of The Area. Once You’ve Done That, Tell This Person You’re Going To Use Your Magic To Swap Out His Current Card For The One He Chose At The Beginning Of The Turn.

Go Through The Pile As If You Were Looking For His Card, But You Already Know That It Is In His Possession.

The First Card On The Stack Is The One You Should Choose.

Finish The Game. Tell The Audience That You Have The Card They Believe They Have In Their Hands For The Conclusion. Ask Him To Look It Over, And His Starting Card Will Appear.

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