Rick Andreoli Montreal Speaks About The City of Design and Urban Development

Montreal is one of the most beautiful and well-planned cities in the world today. Rick Andreoli resides in Montreal, and he loves both the city and its rich history. He loves to spend most of his time learning about the city and sharing what he learns with others. He says that for him residing in Montreal is a true blessing. The city is modern and has a rich history that makes him proud to be a native.

Rick Andreoli Montreal says the United Nations had dubbed Montreal with the prestigious title “The City of Design” in 2006. It was inducted into the list of creative cities across the world. The Government of Montreal has really worked very hard to support the creative efforts of all the residents of Montreal. It also supports the concept of design in all of its government branches.

Boosting urban development

He says that Montreal is a member of the Creative Cities Network, and it uses the original talent of its citizens to boost urban development further. This concept is an alternative approach to the existing idea that development should only revolve around industrial and economic development.

This exclusive status that Montreal shares with about 29 other cities of the world at present is more of a goal than a vision. It will have all the government branches and citizens working together hand-in-hand to make this design-oriented development progress come true. Today, the city has a large resource of design and creative talent to transform this vision into reality.

Inspiration for others to follow suit in the future

Besides 40 cities, the Creative Cities Network has approximately 246 members who are specialists in seven other creative fields. They are gastronomy, literature, design, folk art, crafts, media arts, music, and film. As per the United Nations, Montreal, along with its peers from the Creative Cities Network, will be an inspiring example of the fact that culture can be a strong driver for progress, growth, and development for modern cities.

He says that everyone knows the fact that Montreal derived its name from Mount Royal, a small mountain in the middle of the city. However, besides this fact, there are other interesting historical facts that you will come to know when you decide to visit Montreal.

Rick Andreoli Montreal says that it is about the Olympics Games. Canada has already been a host to the above prestigious sports event three times; however, when it held the Olympics Games for the first time, it took place in Montreal way back in 1976. The surprising fact here is, many structures were built for the Olympics; however, they are unused today. However, in Montreal, the Olympic Park still stays open as a venue for sports for the locals, and it houses one of the most popular locations of the place, the Montreal Tower. So, if you come to Montreal for a vacation and wish to visit iconic sports venues, this is one place you should not miss!

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