Both Black Magic And White Magic Have Historically Been Viewed As Diametrically Opposed Forms Of Magic. On The Other Hand, One Is Associated With Good And The Other With Evil. What Exactly Is It, Then?

These Two Aspects Of Magic Can Be Discovered In A Total Of Five Points.

The Shadow… Of Magic’s Dark Side

It Reminds Me A Lot Of Star Wars Episodes. Rightly So, Given The Extreme Dangers Associated With The Practise Of Black Magic. It’s A Win-Win Situation For Everyone Involved. We Newbies Have A Lot Of Questions. In The Event That You Decide To Use Black Magic, Keep In Mind That There Is Nothing. You’ll Always Be Able To Give Back In Some Way.

What Do You Need To Know About Black Magic In Five Simple Steps?

White Magic Must Be Completed Before Moving On To The Dark Arts. Before Descending Into The Depths Of Evil, You Must First Establish A Solid Foundation. As A Result, You’ll Need A Lot Of Prior Experience.

To Control The Forces Of Evil, You’ll Need To Be Familiar With White Magic’s Principles. Be Prepared To Pay A Price If You Call Upon The Forces Of Evil.

There Is No Room For Improvisation In Black Magic. In This World, Nothing Is Artificial; Nothing Has Been Created In A Laboratory As A Sorcerer’s Apprentice Would. You Must Understand The Triple Return Law And Be Aware Of Your Surroundings.

There Are No Dual Purposes In Black Magic. It’s About Doing Something Bad To Someone. You Can Cause Harm At Any Level, And Vengeance Is Frequently The Driving Force Behind Your Actions.

White Magic Is Inferior To Black Magic In Every Way. There’s No Denying It, But The Alternative Is Even More Perilous. Many Bewitchments Are Used By The Practitioner.

White Enchantment

White Magic Is Generally Used To Protect And Enhance One’s Life. White Magic Has The Power To Make Things Right No Matter What The Situation Is. What Five Things Should We Keep In Mind?

It Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways, But One Thing Is For Certain: It’s Always Used For Good. White Magic Can Help You Find Love, A Better Job, Or Anything Else You Want.

It’s Not Risk-Free Just Because It Has A Positive Side Effect. Precautions Must Be Taken, And One Must First Purify Oneself Before Engaging In Any Kind Of Practise. It’s Essential To Be Motivated By Good Intentions At All Times.

An Optimistic Attitude Is Required On The Part Of The Practitioner. On Each And Every One Of The Strategies. To Be Successful, He Needs To Have A Clear Head.

You Must Be Prepared To Go The Distance. White Magic Is A Process That Takes Time To Master. If You’re Not Ready, Don’t Make A Commitment.

The Lunar Phases Influence White Magic. As A Result, Having Knowledge Of The Moon Is Essential.

When It Comes Down To It, There Are Significant Differences Between The Two Types Of Magic. Before You Begin, Make Sure You Have A Solid Foundation Of Knowledge. Once You’ve Committed, It Can Be Difficult To Unengage.

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