Memorize The Final Card After It’s Been Shuffled Several Times. Make A Spectacle Out Of The Shuffled Cards. In Order For A Magic Trick To Be Successful, The Audience’s Attention Must Be Drawn To A Specific Location. Once The Cards Have Been Shuffled, Allow A Spectator To Shuffle Or Cut The Deck To Demonstrate That The Card Positions Are Truly Random. Finally, Keep In Mind The Final Card.

If You Cut The Deck In Half At The End, You Can Keep A Watchful Eye On The Cards As You Tap Them Against The Table To Line Them Up.

Before You Shuffle The Cards One Last Time, You Might Want To Look At The Last One.

In Order To Ensure That The Final Card Remains At The Bottom Of Your Deck During Shuffle, You Have Two Options.

Always Start With The Hand That Contains The Last Card When Shuffleing The Two Halves Of The Stack Against Each Other [1]. As A Result, The Latter Will Be The First To Be Placed On The Table.

A Good Way To Ensure That Your Audience Doesn’t See Your Shuffled Cards Is To Place Them At An Angle To Hide Them From View When You’re Done [2]. Cut The Game, But With Your Fingertips, Grab The Last Card. Bring The Final Card To The Bottom Of The Stack Before You Shuffle It To Avoid It Getting Muddled With The Rest.

Have A Member Of The Audience Pick A Card. Request That He Memorise It And Tuck It Away Under The Pile Of Papers. When It Instals It Under The Game, It Will Be Right Next To The One You Have Already Memorised.

When The Observer Puts The Card Back Into Play, Create The Illusion By Looking Away. You Will Look More Impressive At The End Of Your Turn If You Give The Impression That You Aren’t Trying To See Their Card.

Turn Off The Computer. Either You Or A Friend Can Perform The Cutting Action. Finally, The Final Card (The One You Memorised) Will Be Placed On Top, Along With A Spectator’s Card. Observer’s Card Should Be To Their Right When You Flip It Over And Fan It Open.

Cutting The Slack Repeatedly Is An Option If Your Hands Are Strong Enough. You Can Continue Cutting While Keeping The Two Cards Together If You Know Roughly Where They Are Located In The Pile.

Perform A Magic Card Trick

Declare That His Card Is Now In Your Possession. It’s Time To Show Off Your Vehicle’s “Magic” Now. Perform This Trick In Front Of An Audience, And You’ll Have More Fun If You Convince Them You Have Supernatural Abilities.

Have A Good Time Fanning The Deck And Looking At Your Spectator’s Card While You Do So.

Locate The One You Committed To Memory. The Card Side Should Be Facing Up So That You And Your Audience Can See The Cards. The Card The Observer Selects Will Be On Top When You Find Your Card.

Do Not Remove It From The Stack As Soon As You Find It. Look At Your Audience As If You Could Read Their Faces And Guess Their Answer.

Before You Draw The Correct Card, Have Fun Making “Mistakes.” Finally, After Building Up The Tension, Reveal The Card That Your Spectator Selected.

Show The Card To Your Opponent. Show Your Spectator Your Renown By Displaying It With Opulence.

Inquire If It’s The One He Selected By Asking Him. If This Is The Case, Congrats! An Elementary Magic Trick Was Pulled Off Thanks To Your Efforts.

Alternatively, You Can Say, “There Is Magic Interference” If It Isn’t His Card. Re-Try The Ruse.

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