Many Of The Rituals, Acts Or Psychic Procedures That Seek Mental And Bodily Benefits Which Are Based On Beliefs, Myths, Rites, Customs, All Crystallised With Faith And Which Become Reality. In All Of Them There Is The Participation Of Omnipotent Magical Thinking, And, At The Same Time, They Are Taken As Psychosocial And Religious Phenomena, Giving Them A Parapsychological Connotation.

Holy Water

We All Know The Benefits Of Water (H2o) For Life, As It Is Essential For It, Because It Has The Basic Elements Such As: Hydrogen And Oxygen, Which Intervene In Cellular Hydration, In The Composition Of Nitrogenous Bases, Sugars And Phosphates, The Carboxyls.

All These Provide Us With The Structure Of Rna And Dna And, With It, The Genetic Organisation Which Was Distributed And Organised With A Predominance Of Certain Tendencies Or Characteristics Of Life, The Species, History, Destiny, The Relationship With The Environment. , Intelligence, Instinct, Selfish Tendency, Disease, Fear Management, Personality, Self-Assembling, Prehistory, Mortality, Sex, Memory, Death, Repair, Prevention, Socio-Political Ordering, The Differentiation Of Ethnic Groups, Free Will And What Is Called The Conflict Or Differentiation Of The Xy Sexes.

It Turns Out That Throughout The History Of Humanity The Human Being Gave Water The Basic Connotation Of Life Since It Is Not Only Required For Human Life, But For Plant And Animal Life In General.

The External Uses Are Obvious, As They Are Useful To Clean The Internal And External Body, To Prevent Contamination From Multiple Bacteria Or Pathogenic Microorganisms, Which Can Reduce Or Deprive Us Of Life.

Water Acquired Its Symbolization And Was Related To Magical Thinking

This Is How Water Acquired Its Symbolization And Was Related To The Omnipotent Magical Thought, Giving The Properties Not Only Of Bodily Cleansing, But Also Spiritual Or Psychic. Which Carries Everything Emotional And Therefore Was Given The Gift Of Purification.

This Is How The Baptism, The Washing Of Hands And Feet, Was Constituted. Remember That One Of The Acts Performed After Birth Is To Wash The Body Of The New Being, Cleaning It Of Amniotic Fluids, Blood And, When Not, Meconium.

In Such A Way The Water Was Blessed, It Was Given Magical Power To ” Remove Evil Or Bad” From The Being, The Bodily Or Psychic; And, To Finally Preserve The (Good) Life By Purifying It, Obviously With Physically Pure Water; And, In The Same Way, The Spirit Remained Because The Water Blessed By God Or His Representative On Earth.

It Was Or Is (The Water) That Supposedly Can Heal, Transform And Preserve From Evil.

Time Passed And The Idea Remained That ” Holy Water ” Blesses The Human Being, Protects Him, And Is Even Feasible To Do The ” Miracle “, Which In Medical Reality Is A “Placebo”. Here It Is Remembered That Jesus Christ Himself Was Baptised By His Relative John The Baptist.

In Such A Way, Water Works Psycho-Emotionally In Many Towns And Is The Great Medicine That Life. Another Aspect Is How Men Commercialise These Ideas And Sell The Holy Water That Belongs Like So Many Other Facts To Magical Thinking And Not To Science.

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