While Most Magicians Spend Their Entire Careers Honing Their Skills In The Art Of Illusion, You Don’t Have To. Tricks That Will Leave Your Audience Speechless Can Be Learned With The Right Information And A Little Practise. Begin By Mastering Basic Tricks Like Gliding A Pencil Across Your Palm Or Slicing A Sturdy Cup Across The Table With Your Thumb. It Is Possible To Keep Your Audience Spellbound By Performing Trick After Trick That Is More Difficult.

Stand With Your Back To The Audience At A Slight Angle. If You Can, Stand In A More-Or-Less Diagonal Position, With Your Heels Pointing To You And Your Toes Pointing Away From You, In Order To Project The Most Confidence. Stand With Your Feet Together, Flat On The Ground.

Try Walking Back And Forth Slowly As You Get Ready To Make The Turn, Then Stop And Get Into Position Before Making The Final Turn. This Will Help You Avoid Drawing Attention To Yourself. If You Do This, It Will Appear As Though You Stumbled Into This Position By Accident.

In Order For This Trick To Work, You Need An Audience That Won’t Be Able To Move Around You So That They Can See Your Feet Better.

Inform Them That Levity Is A Difficult Skill To Master. Tell Them That If You Can, You’ll Only Be Able To Levitate For A Few Seconds. In Order To Demonstrate That You Are Paying Attention, Hold Your Arms Loosely At Your Sides And Take A Few Deep Breaths.

You Can Also Attempt To Make The Tour More Realistic By Making A Few Failed Attempts.

Take A Few Slow Steps Away From The Audience While Standing On Your Toes. Turn To Your Toes And Shift Your Weight While Keeping The Visible Foot 2 To 5 Cm Off The Ground. Put As Much Weight On Your Toes As You Can By Bending Your Knees All The Way. You Will Appear To Levitate For A Few Seconds If You Do It Correctly.

You Can Increase The Amount Of Spin By Waving Your Arms As If You’re Trying To Keep Your Centre Of Gravity Fixed.

Even The Most Sceptics In Your Audience Will Be Left Wondering If They Can Trust Their Own Eyes If You Improve Yourself And Find The Exact Right Position And Placement For Your Feet.

Quickly Descend To The Earth’s Surface. The Goal Of The Tour Is To Give Your Audience A Glimpse Into What’s Going On Behind The Scenes. You’ll Have Either Moved On To The Next Round Or Be Gone By The Time Their Minds Begin To Process What They Just Saw.

If You “Float” For A Longer Period Of Time, Your Audience Will Have More Time To Figure Out The Illusion’s Secret.

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